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Vase Lamp and Grandma's House

My great grandma is very old. She is ninety-five and still alive. Just because she's alive though doesn't mean she's in good health. Luckily, she's not in bad health, but her body is naturally starting to break down on her. About a year ago my grandmother got an infection. She went to the doctor to get medicine, but even with the medicine her body had a hard time fighting it off. As a result it caused her to go deaf in one ear. Shortly after that her heart started having problems as well. She was worried that she was going to die and there wouldn't be anyone there, so she decided to move in with her daughter. Before she moved my husband and I went to her house to tell her goodbye. While we were there she told us we could take anything we wanted. She couldn't bring everything with her so everything was free game. I asked her if I could have a vase lamp. We didn't have any lights in our apartment and the vase lamp she had was very pretty and actually vintage. She let us have it and now it's a beautiful addition to our home. I think it's the one thing in the house I really love; one, because it was my great grandmother's and two, because it came from a period where everything was more beautiful and delicate. I love that lamp and hopefully it will last a while longer.