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Babies Shoes are So Cute!

I think that babies shoes are some of the cutest things I have ever seen. They are so tiny and made with the finest materials. It is amazing how they design the shoe to slide on easily even though it might look like a regular complex shoe. It takes me back to when we played with dolls and dressed them up with their cute dresses and little tiny babies shoes. It was fun then to pretend to be a mommy. And it was a lot easier to pretend than to have a baby 24/7 like we do in real life when we grow up! Their little baby clothes are so cute, though, and they hang up on tiny little hangers. Then there are tiny drawers with the tiny babies shoes and socks in them. Also, the soft colors for the newborns are fun and seem so ethereal, like these little babies did really just come down from heaven to start their lives. One thing I noticed lately is that mothers are not dressing their babies in traditional colors of pink and blue. I don't know why they would want to dress them up in colors they will be wearing their whole lives. You only get to "baby-ize" them for a couple of months, might as well enjoy the cuteness of it!