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Are You Wanting To Carry A Gun

Have you decided that you want to carry a concealed handgun?  If so, you are part of a growing number of people who are doing just that. Statistics show that more and more people are getting their concealed carry license. There are no federal laws regarding permits for carrying your own weapon, but you'll need to find out what the laws and terms are in your own state. 

Do You Need To Learn How To Shoot? Perhaps you grew up in a family of hunters and you have been comfortable shooting since you were a kid. If you've never even held a gun, or if you don't feel like you are expert enough to shoot, consider taking a class taught by a professional instructor.

  • You'll be required to spend several hours in a classroom, and you'll be tested on the information you've been taught.
  • In addition, you'll spend time on a shooting range. You can usually use your own gun, but if you don't own one yet, a gun will be provided for your use during the time you spend on the range. Again, you'll have to pass a proficiency test before you are given your diploma and your license.
  • If you don't know what kind of gun to purchase, your instructor has the knowledge and the experience to help you decide what kind of gun would be best for you.

Where Will You Shop? - Of course, there are many stores that sell hunting supplies where you can purchase a brand new weapon and the kind of bullets it uses. However, consider shopping at a pawn shop, too. If you aren't yet sure of the type of gun to buy, consider taking a seasoned gun owner with you, no matter where you do your shopping. While you're at it, consider buying a gun safe, too. You'll also need a holster. There are even gorgeous carriers that look like purses and nobody will know you are carrying a concealed weapon.

Even after you obtain your concealed carry license and your gun, it's a great idea to continue practicing. The same school where you took your classes might have a range you can use. As in everything else, practice is what will make you an excellent shot. Another very important follow-up practice is to make sure that your children understand that guns are not toys and that they should never even hold one until they are mature enough to take the same class you took.