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Three Tricks That Can Help You With The Stain And Maintenance Of Your Wood Fence

If you want to have a nice fence for your home, a wood fence is a great option, but it will also require maintenance to make it last longer. Cleaning the fence is something that you may want to do from time to time, as well as an occasional coat of stain. Doing these things can help make your fence last a lot longer and save you on costs of repairs and replacement of your fence. Here are some tricks that will help you with the maintenance and staining of your wood fence:

1. Adding Groundcover To Prevent Splashing On The Fence

Groundcover at the base of your fence can do a lot to protect it from dirt and debris. The addition of a small garden area with a gravel or bark covering can prevent dirt from splashing up on the fence. This will keep the fence clean and prevent fungus from growing on your fence. In addition, you can also make these areas drain away from the fence to keep the wood dry and prevent decay.

2. Cleaning And Pressure Washing Your Fence To Keep The New Look

It is also a good idea to regularly clean your fence. You can do light cleaning with a garden hose to keep it clean. Eventually, your fence may become stained to a point that cleaning with a hose does not do the job. You may want to also pressure wash your fence when you do other outdoor maintenance to your home. This will give your fence a deep cleaning and ensure that it looks like new. If you do not have a pressure washer for this, you will be able to rent one from any tool rental service.

3. Staining Your Fence With An Even Coat Of Stain And Sealant

It is also important to stain your fence to keep it from decaying due to weathering. It gives it a protective coat that keeps water out of the wood and prevents fungus from growing. This is something that you will want to do regularly to ensure that your fence is well protected. To make this job easier, you can use a paint sprayer to apply the sealant;  you can rent all the tools you need from a tool rental service like White Bear Rental for this.  

These are some things that can help you with the maintenance of your wood fence and make it last a lot longer. If you need the right tools for your fence maintenance, contact a tool rental service, and they will have everything you need for these projects.